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Top 10 Items I Bought for Spring



They’re both VERY comfortable, but if you’re not into a high heel, would opt for the option on the right. The option on the right is soooo, so comfortable. I always joke that I could run a marathon in them. However, they’re almost double the price of the Steve Madden heels (left). I like to wear the Steve Madden (left) heels with dressier outfits. The both are available in several options. The ones on the left are 25% off!


I like these jeans because they’re different than your typical white pair of white jeans but are still super versatile. They’re high-waisted and very comfortable. I wear them in a 25. I would size down. Currently 25% off HERE!


I’ve always been a fan of cargo pants. I love how you can wear them with heels or sneakers and have two totally different looks. I tried on 20 different pairs and my favorite fit was this Frame style. The exact styles comes in three different options: olive green with a pink & white stripe (20% off HERE), plain olive green (25% off HERE) and olive green with a white stripe (25% off HERE). I wear them in a size 24. I recommend sizing down 1-2 sizes.


I really wanted white Louboutin pumps but couldn’t quite afford them so I decided to give these a try. I’m SO happy I did because I really like the way they look and that they’re something different. Plus, I find them WAY more comfortable than Louboutins. I definitely recommend going down one whole size. They’re currently 25% off here!


I had wanted a blazer for years and finally got one! I’m so happy I did because I literally wear it all of the time. Blazers are expensive so you have to be sure you really, really want one but I 110% believe they’re worth the investment. They’re timeless, classy and always appropriate – whether you want to dress it up with heels or down with sneakers. I love the fit of the blazer I’m wearing above because it’s not too snug but still very tailored. I wear it in a size 0. It’s available in white 20% off HERE and in black 25% off HERE. Also, THIS version is 1/5 of the price of the version I’m wearing and practically identical.


I’m rather simple with it comes to jewelry and always opt for cubic zirconia studs when it comes to earrings. I love this particular brand because they look SO real. I hope one day I can actually get the real thing but for now, these do the trick, ha. I’m not petite and think the 6ct option looks the best on me. However, if you’re more petite, I would opt for 4ct. They’re both 25% off. I wear them every single day and they never tarnish.


I was very unsure when I first bought this jacket if I would wear it frequently or if it would just be something that I wore once or twice. Thankfully, it ended up being something that I wear ALL of the time. I like that it has fringe too because it’s something different and a bit more edgy. However, if you’re not into fringe, the exact jacket is available without fringe HERE. I wear the jacket in an XS but it fits snug. If you’re in-between sizes, I would size up.


I’ve always been a HUGE fan of tench coats. I like THIS one in particular because the sleeves are unique and the back of the coat is really pretty. It fits very oversized so I would recommend sizing down, unless you like the oversized fit. I’m wearing it in an XS. The coat is available in grey 25% off HERE and is available 25% in yellow HERE.


I believe you can never go wrong with a denim jacket. There are just so many different ways to wear one and they never go out of style. I bought this jacket new this year because of the style and fit. I like how it’s slightly cropped and the way it bunches at the bottom. This exact jacket is available 55% off HERE but not many sizes are left. It’s fully stocked (but not on sale) HERE. I’m wearing it in an XS.