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Living Room Reveal

Ah, I’m so excited to finally share my living room with you today! This area of my house is where I spend the majority of my time so it was important to create a space that was comfortable and inviting but still elegant at the same time.

When I first bought my home and the house was completely empty I would stand in my living room for hours and hours trying to visualize the look I wanted for the space but could never quite see a vision in my head. My mom came to visit at some point during this time and could sense I was struggling. Thankfully she suggested stopping by one of her favorite furniture stores, Outrageous Interiors, to browse their selections in hopes that I would get an idea of certain styles I liked, didn’t like etc. etc. Little did she know, her suggestion would end up being an answer to my prayers and the ticket to designing a room of my dreams!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Atlanta and it’s home shopping scene, please let me give you some context. Outrageous Interiors is one of the most prestigious and well known home stores in the greater Atlanta area with four locations that are simply amazing. The stores have been around for a long time; in fact, I remember being a little girl and it being a ‘big deal’ to go shopping with my mom at Outrageous Interiors – just to put things into perspective for you! Their selection is wide and vast – from accessories to furniture to extremely reasonably priced items to more expensive items. They always seem to have exactly what you’re looking for and most certainly have everything I could ever dream of.

When I first went to the store with my mom I quickly felt at peace. In a matter of minutes I spoke with a designer who asked me questions about my taste, preferences, and living habits. She then gathered information on the space I was furnishing, took measurements of the room and later determined the best layout for the space. It was such a peace of mind knowing that an expert was helping with these layout decisions because it ensured that everything selected would be correct to scale which was a huge concern for me.

A few weeks later, I went back to the store and met with the same designer again. At this meeting, she presented me with a ‘board’ that had fabric samples and pictures of furniture and accessories that she envisioned for my room. We also walked around the store to look at specific furniture pieces so that I could ‘test drive’ them before fully committing. The meeting took about two hours and I walked away beyond happy. The designer completely nailed it – I absolutely loved everything she showed me.

The next step was the install process. This was hands down the most fun day for me because in a matter of hours I watched the room go from empty to full and completely unfold before my eyes. The Outrageous Team is INCREDIBLE. They seriously handle everything…down to even making sure there are light bulbs in any lamps they bring. I was blown away! What I also liked is that they brought extra accessories so that you could ‘play’ with certain things in your space and make game time decisions. I was in awe and am SO happy with how the room turned out! It has exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable!

I tried to link as many of the items as I could to the Outrageous Interiors website but wasn’t quite able to find everything. If you’re here in Atlanta, I strongly suggest stopping by one of their four locations. However, if you’re not, I suggest taking a screen shot of what you’re looking for and then sending a DM to Outrageous Interiors on Instagram. Their Instagram account is @outrageousinterious. Ps. You totally should go follow their account if you’re wanting phenomenal home decor inspo. Their pictures and work are AMAZING!


 MIRROR | CHAIR (on left) | ACCENT ROUND TABLE (on left)