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How I Organize My Office Closet

I have a serious obsession when it comes to organization! Having things organized makes me happy and my life SO much easier! Before I moved into my new home I spent hours looking for the perfect organization products that were both chic and functional. I looked high and low and was so excited when I came across the acrylic collection from Russell + Hazel. The collection totally fit the vibes I was going for, is amazing quality and 100% functional.I highly recommend investing in organization because it simplifies your life and makes things easier all around.

Being a fashion blogger my office closet looks a bit different than most. My office contains both fashion as well as regular office items you would expect to find in an office closet. I love the Russell + Hazel pieces so much because their multifunctional and fit so many needs. For example, their acrylic inbox + drawer is perfect for organizing mail and letters but would also be amazing for organizing makeup! It’s so nice because their products can transition with you in life depending on where you’re at. All of the items would be phenomenal holiday gifts! Let me know if you have any questions!

How to build the tower pictured above:

6 – Acrylic Small Boxes

1 – Acrylic Block

1 – Acrylic Inbox

2 – Acrylic Inbox + Drawer

I’m obsessed with the acrylic scissors, tape dispenser and stapler! They are so chic and would be perfect gifts for the upcoming holiday season!

Inside the drawer I placed 3 acrylic twin blocks for extra organization!

acrylic file box

acrylic file box + hanging files

I love using the large acrylic file boxes for organizational bins and not just for files. As simple as it sounds I love that they’re clear. It’s so easy to see what is inside of them!

slim file box + hanging files: I have a mix between the large and slim file boxes! I like the slim file boxes the best because they’re not so big and I can assign one category to each box!

The tower above is two acrylic inbox + drawers placed on top of one another.

acrylic inbox + drawer: perfect for sunglass organization! Would also be great for organizing makeup or jewelry!

acrylic mini collator: love this for organizing important boxes that I don’t want to get rid of just yet!

hangers: I’m OBSESSED with these hangers! They’re strong, don’t droop and they do not put indentations in your clothes!