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Getting Your Home Holiday Ready

1. Wine Glasses: These are the wine glasses that Olivia Pope used on Scandal! They’re so tall! They’re a total crowd favorite and are always the most asked about thing when people come to my house.

2. Christmas Tree: This is the tree I bought for my home! I was so impressed with how easy it was to assemble. It only took 10 minutes. My tree is 9 feet tall and pre lit. Next year I hope to buy the matching garland and wreaths. Their garland and wreaths are amazing because they’re pre lit and battery operated. They also have traditional green trees and garland too! 

3. Peppermint Bark & Hot Chocolate: I seriously live for this peppermint bark!!! It’s SO SO GOOD. I look forward to it every year and always end up buying it several times throughout the season because I eat it so quickly (and every time I’m shopping at the mall and want a quick pick-me-up). It looks really festive on holiday trays for parties too! My favorite hot chocolate is the peppermint flavor! These would be great stocking stuffer gifts as well! 

4. Candle: I’m a candle hoarder and am obsessed. This one is my current favorite because it smells delicious and lasts SO long….which is important when you’re like me and have a candle burning at all times. Ha! 

5. Stockings: I’m all about the warm & cozy looking stockings this year! They’re too cute. My favorites have been the options from Pottery Barn.

6. Christopher Radko Ornament: This is a tradition in my home. My mom always buys my brother and I a dated Christopher Radko ornament each year and we have a dedicated tree just for these ornaments. I love traditions like these! I love that she always gives us dated ones too because it’s fun to look back and see how old some of the ornaments are. You can buy them at Nordstrom but I think Bloomingdale’s always has the best and most unique selection. They’re currently on sale at Bloomy’s!

7. Festive Throw Pillows (first & second): Festive pillows are the easiest way to decorate! There are so many cute options depending on the theme of your room. I’ve include my favorites below.

8. Wreath: I love these wreaths because they’re something different and not so huge. The matching garland looks so perfect on a kitchen hood!

9. Blanket: I felt a bit guilty buying this blanket because I didn’t think it was necessary but I’m so happy I did because 1) I use it ALL of the time and 2) it looks so festive draped on my sofa. Both sides of it are insanely soft. Bentley is obsessed with the sherpa side though! My mom has this UGG blanket on their fireplace hearth and it’s stunning.