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Christmas Pajamas

1. Flannel Sleepshirt: I love pairing sleepshirts with a pair of tall socks. My favorite knee-high (or over the knee depending on your height) socks are these and these

2. Flannel Romper: I’ve never seen pajama rompers until this year and have to say I’m a fan! They would be so cute to wear to a cozy Christmas party. 

3. Henley & Matching Joggers (ON SALE): bought these and have been living in them. They’re SO comfortable. My favorite of the two patterns they come in is the red stripe. I would suggest sizing down if you’re in-between sizes. (For reference, I bought an XS in the top and bottom.)

4. UGG Slippers: Every girl needs a pair of UGG slippers! They’re insanely comfortable and the quality is AMAZING! I’m obsessed with mine and wear them all of the time. I like that you can wear them outside of the house too. I do recommend sizing up though! I’m normally an 8.5 but size 10 in UGG slippers. 

5. Flannel PJ Set: Also, if you prefer just the pant, the pant alone is currently on sale for $23.70! 

6.Henley & Matching Joggers (ON SALE): Love the satin stripe detail going down the side of the leg! It makes the joggers look so expensive! 

7.Pom Pom Hat: I literally wear hats ALL of the time and would wear one every day if I could. It’s not even December yet and I’ve already gotten so much use out of my red pom pom hat. I love how oversized the pom pom is! 

9. Velvet Slippers: I thought these were so cute and couldn’t help but to share! 

I also love these PJ’s as well (ALL ON SALE):

And am obsessed with these cold weather accessories: